Could Moms Benefit From Adult Coloring?

Mom Benefit From Adult ColoringMoms Adult Coloring

For a long time, coloring has been reserved for kids and their babysitters. That is now changing as adult coloring books are being used internationally with many individuals taking it up as a hobby. What is interesting, however, it is that the books have therapeutic features. While art may not heal any disease, it helps you cope with life by giving you a platform to express your feelings through colors. One group of people who can benefit a lot from this therapy is the moms.

How to Know You Are Experiencing a Burnout

It is normal to be stressed, but sometimes it becomes too much that others can notice it even if you do not notice it. Unfortunately, the current culture that dominates society portrays mothers as selfish if they take care of themselves. Ironically, it also portrays seeking help as a sign of weakness. Even if you are a strong mom, you do not need to ‘kill’ yourself with work to prove it. It can lead to a burnout, which affects you and the people around you.

If you note any of the following, then you are suffering from a burnout and as such, you need help. More specifically, you need to engage in therapeutic adult coloring.

• You keep forgetting stuff: Forgetting is normal, but forgetting many things consistently is a sign that you are suffering from a burnout. Realizing this early enough will prompt you to seek help.

• You snapping at those around you: Snapping at your kids only to realize there was no reason for doing so is a sign of a burnout. Additionally, persistent complaints from your partner about your irritability may also be a sign of a serious burnout.

• You always feeling tired: Do you always feel like responding with the word ‘tired’ whenever anyone asks how you are? Do you wake up every morning feeling tired after an entire night of sleep? These are signs that you are experiencing a burnout.

• You stray from your ‘normal mom’ schedule: If you note that you no longer keep up with some of the things you used to do, such as playing with the kids or making three-course meals a day, then you should accept that you are suffering from a burnout.

How to Use Coloring to help you Overcome Burning Out

Coloring books in themselves cannot be an art therapy, but using coloring books is therapeutic. Using these books requires you to concentrate in order to use the right color in the lines to bring out the desired effects. When coloring, you develop a relaxed mindset just like you do when you are meditating.

The moment you start coloring, you switch off your brain from other stuff and focus on the moment. This makes you feel calm, and you can start realizing physical effects on your overall health such as changes in heart rate and brainwaves.