Petty Colors

Petty Colors Publishing LLC is a self-publishing company that publishes fun, creative self-help, personal development, family and humor books in addition to inspirational t-shirts, mugs and other merchandise. With a strong emphasis in creating coloring books & t-shirts.

Petty Colors has a passion for creating uplifting, fun products as a tool to help people who are looking for a different approach in healing, having fun and changing their lifestyle for the better.

The Petty books and merchandise are creative and unpredictable. Petty Colors never want to get too comfortable or controlled with publishing the same old boring stuff over and over. They want their audience to be excited and in-tune with literately everything they design.

On the other hand, the Petty products want be for everyone, unfortunately. The type of items they publish are for the more laid-back, open-minded crowd.

Nowadays everyone seem to be way too serious about every little thing in life.

It’s time we step back for a second and remember there’s more to life than our fancy clothes, titles, cars, degrees, money, and whatever else you might have going for yourself. We spend so much time trying to WIN in life and fight every obstacle with everything we got that we have forgotten how to smile. Laugh a little bit and just simply breathe…

No one should always have that ‘Me Against The World’ type of attitude. Instead we should lighten up and seize the moments when we can just goof off and be free.